Are you really my friend?

This a test of friendship. Friends may come and go, but this will let your friends know if you a good friend to keep, or a bad one to say hit the road to. Don't be scared to take this quiz. Trust me when I say it may help you get more friends!

Are you a good friend? Do you want more friends? Want to know if the friends you have know are really your friends or just say they are? Take this quiz and you will never have to ask again if they are really your friends...

Created by: Amber
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  1. Alright first question. If we are planning to get together to do something, what would you have planned for us?
  2. Second Question. It's my birthday. What would you give me?
  3. 3rd question. If I was sick and wasnt able to come over, what would you do without me?
  4. I got hurt prety bad and need to get to the hopsital. What would you do to help me?
  5. I just lost my home due to a fire. What would you do now?
  6. We both like the same guy, and he likes both us. What do you do now?
  7. I just failed the biggest test of the year. What do you do to cheer me up?
  8. We just got into High School and everything is going great until the popluar people show up and want you to go with them. What do u do?
  9. My cousin just came into town and shes pretty cute. She wants u to leave me and hang with her. What do you do?
  10. My computer just broke, you?...

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Quiz topic: Am I really my friend?