Is your friend anorexic/bulimic

Are you concerned a friend is anorexic or bulimic, then take this quiz. Before taking this quiz you must observe your friend because this quiz is based on your observations.

Remember if you get a high score in this quiz your friend may not be anorexic and you must keep your mind open before confronting a friend. Likewise with a low score, there is a possibility your friend has an eating disorder you just might need to observe more.

Created by: vicky
  1. Has your friend lost a considerable amount of weight?
  2. Has your friend suddenly started to wear baggy clothes and lots of layers?
  3. Is your friend obsessed with their weight despite being thin?
  4. Is your friend obsessed with fat and calories?
  5. Is he/she obsessed with exercising?
  6. Does he/she make regular trips to the bathroom during meals?
  7. Does he/she prefer to eat alone?
  8. Does your friend have an unusual way of eating e.g. shifting food from side to side?
  9. Has he/she experienced hair loss?
  10. Has the colour of his/her complexion changed?
  11. Does your friend look tired constantly?
  12. Is your friend a perfectionist?
  13. Does your friend lack confidence?
  14. Does your friend get mood swings?
  15. Does your friend complain of dizziness and/or headaches

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Quiz topic: Is my friend anorexic/bulimic