"Friends" Quiz(Television Show)

There are only some true friends fans. Someone who watches the show all the time. Are you that person? You will find out. "Friends" a well known and funny show.

Are you really a "Friends" fan. Do you really know your "Friends". This is the quiz to find out. So just wait and you will find out how much you know your "Friends".

Created by: Saul
  1. Which character in "Friends" has a last name of Bing?
  2. Which character in "Friends" has a last name of Tribbiani?
  3. Which character in "Friends" has a last name of Geller?
  4. Which character in "Friends" has a last name of Buffay?
  5. Which character in "Friends" has a last name of Green?
  6. Rachel's full name is...
  7. Rachel and Ross had a baby. The baby had a first name of Emma. The baby had a last name of...
  8. Ross has a job. His job is a...
  9. In what season do Rachel and Ross go on a date for the first time?
  10. Pheobe has a husband. His name is Mike. His last name is...
  11. Chandler and Monica first start dating(get together) in which season?
  12. Chandler and Monica have their wedding in what season?
  13. The character that serves coffee at "Central Perk" is...
  14. Pheobe has a twin sister.
  15. Pheobe plays what instrument?
  16. Pheobe is good at performing(singing with her instrument)
  17. Chandler once has to move to ____ because of work. Fill in the gap.
  18. Monica had another relationship in season 2. The name of Monica's relationship was.
  19. Chandler has an annoying ex-girlfriend. She and chandler always are getting back together. Her name is...
  20. The "Friends" characters live in the city.
  21. Friends has __ seasons. Fill in the gap.

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