do you like friends

There are not many people who watch this great show, but for the few that do, you shall enjoy this quiz It is based on television knowledge apon Friends I hope you enjoy it It will prove the knowledge you have on friends

Are YOU an amazing friend genius, take the quiz and prove it this quiz is based on humor, brains and so-on so-on.IF you pass to the genius part will gain the message of when the harder one comes out

Created by: craig

  1. WHO plays Joey
  2. What is joeys job ( in series)
  3. Finish this song : Smelly _____ smelly ____, It's not your fault
  4. Where is the main scene
  5. What is Monica's dream job
  6. Who is Estelle
  7. How many series are their made
  8. How many friends are thier
  9. What is the name of the person who plays Guitar
  10. Name the person that his/her mother kills herself, stepdad in jail, real dad ran away and grandma give cab to him/her

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Quiz topic: Do I like friends