How well do you know Friends?

Many people watch Friends. But very few people watch it enough to know all about it. This quiz will tell you how much you know and let you know if you are a True Friends Fan.

Are you Friends CRAZY? Do you know the most random and small things about the Friends and their lives? We will find out when you answer these 10 questions.

Created by: Amber
  1. What colour is Monicas apartment?
  2. What is Rosses sons name?
  3. What Phoebes twin sisters name?
  4. What was Joey locked in when his apartment got robbed?
  5. Where do the Friends live?
  6. How many siblings does Joey have?
  7. What club did Ross and his high school friend Will create?
  8. What re-accuring nightmare did Ross have as a child?
  9. What soap opera was Joey famous for being in?
  10. How many official Friends are there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Friends?