How Much Do You Know About The Hills?

The Hills is a reality television show based on the life of Lauren Conrad in LA. Camera crews follow her and her friends as they live their lives in the big city. Anything can happen when the camera turns on, especially in LA. Watch the drama, love, and fights of The Hills.

Are you a true hills fan? Or do you just watch it every once in a while? Have you ever wondered if you know more than the average fan? In just a few minutes and after a few questions, you could find out! Take this quiz to see how much you know about your favorite tv show!

Created by: amazon

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  1. Where does Lauren transfer to after leaving San Francisco?
  2. Which one of Lauren's friends goes to Paris after she decides not to go?
  3. Which Hills girl is an aspiring singer?
  4. Lauren dated all of the following EXCEPT:
  5. Which cosmetic line is Lauren the spokeswoman for?
  6. Which one of Lauren's friends betrays her by flirting with Brody?
  7. What TV show asked Whitney to model fashion dresses after one of their models didn't show up?
  8. For Jason's birthday, Lauren buys him golf clubs. What brand were they?
  9. Who gave a speech at Lauren's birthday party?
  10. Who is the intern that Lauren & Whitney feel threatened by?

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