How Cory are You?

There are many happy-go-lucky people, but few true Corys. Cory is, afterall, quite exceptional. Who is Cory? Cory is someone who has an extraordinarily strange mind, is even able to solve the odd problem here and there, and see the world through an entirely critical point of view, unless the thing in question has to do with Harry Potter or unicorns.

Are YOU Cory? Do you have the abombic tomfoolery to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now, you could only wonder. But, thanks to this great quiz, in just a few moments, you will find out!

Created by: E Lunatic

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  1. Go ask the nearest young woman by the name of Autumn whom you'll be living with in 20 years. She says:
  2. Hole Puncher
  3. Its Day 6 on c period.
  4. Your practicing for Cheer leading, a sport, and attempt to do something. You...
  5. hehiheiheheiheihhe -giggles- You respond:
  6. Your Eating lunch with Brandon Roy, Patrick Poleri, and Matt Gigure. Do you:
  7. Dead Dolphin!!!!
  8. Its the last day of school are you...
  9. You do a cartwheel. The man with an affinity for platypi says:
  10. If someone compares cheer-leading to sandwich making
  11. Any last comment?

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Quiz topic: How Cory am I?