Don't leave me hanging

This is my first attempt at a story quiz :P I'm hoping it turns out well, but I can't promise anything XD. So, typical meeting guys and having an adventure stuff, but hopefully with my own twist.

The characters: Justin- a friend, brown eyes and hair, funny and bookish, Stella- your best friend, she has platinum blond hair and dark blue eyes, Cory- a flirt with greenish-blue eyes, black hair, and a white smile, Kris- mysterious, gray eyes, jet black hair.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. "I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine" ugh, you slam your hand down on your alarm clock and burrow deeper into your bedsheets. 6:00 on a monday morning. Half an hour later you drag yourself out of bed
  2. You go through your morning routine and stare at your closet sleepily for an outfit. What do you choose?
  3. You dress in your outfit of choice and look at the clock, it's 7:10, you're late. You grab a poptart from the kitchen and run out the door, catching the bus just as it was pulling away. You sit down and the guy next to you chuckles. "Nice timing" he says with a sparkle in his brown eyes.
  4. You look up at the guy and it's your friend, Justin. You've known him ever since you moved here 5 years ago. He looks down at your poptart, "ooo hot fudge sundae, that your whole breakfast?" he laughs. "My poptart beats whatever you had" you reply defensively
  5. The bus arrives at school and you leave Justin to go to your locker. Your locker has always hated you and today is no exception. It gets stuck and you are unsuccessfully trying to force it open when you hear a voice say, "Need a hand with that, cutie?" You look up to see the white smile and vivid greenish-blue eyes of a guy next to you. You think you've seen him before, but right now you just can't seem to recall anything.
  6. "um... yeah... thanks" you manage to say. "No problem, what's your combination, don't worry I won't use it later" he winks. You give him your combination and watch as he easily opens it on the first try. "Thank you" you say as you take stuff from the locker. "My pleasure, by the way my name is Cory" he grins. "I'm ______" you reply. "See you around, _______" he says as he leaves. Suddenly realizing the time, you sprint to class and slide into your seat just as the bell rings.
  7. As the teacher begins the same lesson that has been going on for at least two weeks, you talk to your best friend, Stella, who sits next to you. Suddenly it hits you, you've seen Cory in Stella's Photography class. You ask her about him. "He's such a flirt! And he spends all class taking pictures of girls... Why are you asking, something I should know" she says with raised eyebrows
  8. The drone of your teacher's voice stops and you look up to see a boy with gray eyes and jet black hair. Your teacher clears his throat, "Class, we have a new student, Kris. Kris, why don't you introduce yourself?" Kris says, "Hey, I'm Kris" and sits down behind you, ignoring the teacher's request for a longer introduction.
  9. The teacher goes back to the lesson and you turn around to greet Kris. He's already looking at you and says, "Hey _______". "How do you know my name?" you ask. He suddenly looks evasive, "I saw the seating chart on the teacher's desk"
  10. At that moment, the bell rings and you go through your next 3 classes without any significant events. Now it's lunchtime and you meet up with Stella and Justin reaching them when Stella is teasing Justin about his skinniness and poking him.
  11. Your shoelaces come untied (or get tangled something if you don't have laces) and you tell Stella and Justin that you'll catch up with them. As you tie the laces/untangle the shoes, you hear running and before you can react, you are pushed into a dark supplies closet... yeah, cliffhanger sorry :P
  12. Sooo who are you drawn to so far? :D

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