The Most Objectionable Quiz

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LADIES and GENTLEMEN, please do not disregard this introduction. When I look on the front page of Gotoquiz, this quiz, this quiz right here, is what I see. Do you see dumb quizzes like I do?

Stop the madness! See for yourself how irritating this quiz is. This is what people who care about grammar, who get their facts straight before judging each other, and who have more than two brain cells suffer through every day. Don't make this quiz.

Created by: E Lunatic

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whu r hoter
  2. wuts ur favrit coler?
  3. k, quiz iz dun. OH NOE!!! i neede 12 qweschinz!
  4. r u
  5. witch is have more fierpawer?
  6. onozombieez!
  7. wood u dy 4 Justen Beebier?
  8. Is your child medicated for ADHD?
  9. r u
  10. r y00 a horse?

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