How To Get Your Quiz To The Front Page?

You might have wondered "how to get my quiz reach the front page?" or "will my quiz reach the front page?" This guide will tell you the secrets to get your quiz promoted.

IMPORTANT: This is your paragraph part. You should add as much sentences as possible because each word acts as a keyword. And more people searching these words means more traffic, and higher traffic means higher chance of your quiz to reach the front page.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Here you should add questions. Try to put as much questions as you can.
  2. Hope you have read the first two paragraphs. If you didn't, then read, and don't forget to read the last paragraph at the end of the quiz i.e. after submitting.
  3. You can add minimum of 10 questions and are allowed upto 48. Add questions as much as possible to give an accurate result.
  4. Try to use a good grammar. Quizzes with bad grammar doesn't get chance to hit the front page. But, if you write without capitalization, your quiz can reach the front page.
  5. Follow all the terms and conditions for making quizzes. Quizzes that breaks any of the rules gets deleted.
  6. Try to make quizzes that gains popularity quickly, and/or make a thread about your quiz on the forums, or anywhere else.
  7. Be original with your quizzes, and always be honest - original and good quizzes gets good ratings and good ratings means a higher chance of promoting your quiz.
  8. Remember, don't make quizzes that gains good popularity but are inaccurate. Example: don't make quizzes like this one, "When will you get married?" or "When will you die?"
  9. Do everything as directed on this quiz as well as by
  10. And oh one more thing: use a good theme for your quiz.

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