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Before I made my account, I created a quiz called What Type Of Personality Do You Have? It was promoted onto the front page 10 days ago (today is the 22nd January 2019) so please give that a try too!

Hopefully my results will be accurate and you think they are true! If not, please tell me so I can improve this quiz and make a second version (if you want me to)!

Created by: Olive_Girl of My Profile Here!
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  1. You like loud music. True or False?
  2. Which is your favourite colour out of these?
  3. You would most like to be...
  4. How much do you care about the environment?
  5. What do you do in your spare time?
  6. Which word is the most nice sounding to you?
  7. How imaginative are you?
  8. What would you do after an argument?
  9. How many friends do you have (not online)?
  10. Do you tense up/feel ill if you can't sleep?
  11. Do you tend to read non-fiction books or fiction?
  12. How large is your vocabulary? (How many technical words you use)
  13. How would you describe yourself?

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