Will your quiz get on the front page?

Is your quiz going to get on the front page? This quiz will tell you! Info you should know: Your quiz's ratting How many times your quiz has been taken

Please read: This quiz is not made by Go To Quiz or any of its associates. This quiz does not use the real scoring formula and is only a estimate. That means even if this quiz says so your quiz may not get deleted, hidden, into a category, on the front page or get on the Top 40.

Created by: penne12
  1. Are you under the age of 15?
  2. Have you used proper grammar?
  3. Have you used proper spelling
  4. Do you share your quiz?
  5. Have you used text-speak?
  6. Is your quiz based on a on original idea or something that is popular tend?
  7. Have you used junk-text?
  8. Have you used excessive punctuation?
  9. Have you used offensive content?
  10. Have you used all caps?
  11. How many people have taken your quiz?
  12. What is your quiz's rating?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir quiz get on the front page?