How Polish are You?

How Polish are you? This is the question, the answer to which I will shortly attempt to determine. Remember that Poles like me can't afford a decent introduction.

Don't sue me, PNCU. Hey, Jeff! I've got your MCAT cheat sheet, you know, the one that's not the one up your sleeve which you've been using this whole time. It says... BAWLZ!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. Are you attractive, muscular, and intelligent?
  2. much so that it's abnormal?
  3. Two friends are arguing on a matter of opinion and both are coming from two very different places. You call this:
  4. Is it a good idea to put a pig's blood in it's intestine to create a sausage intended for human consumption?
  5. Let's say you're having a meal at a restaurant. What's the chance that your service will be entirely unobjectionable, and that your food will arrive properly heated and just how you ordered it?
  6. Do you love your Babci?
  7. Can you pronounce 'Starczyk', 'kotlety schabowe', and 'szlachcic'?
  8. Can you pronounce 'chwały rzeczypospolitej'?
  9. When you say, "Go from the pier to the market," it sounds like:
  10. Let's say you're one year of college away from earning your doctorate. Might you consider quitting, never to get any more education, to work with your hands instead?
  11. Do you know any songs about cabbages and/or a thief called Jashu?
  12. Is your voice either abnormally low or abnormally squeaky?
  13. Does your laugh startle French-Canadians?
  14. Do/have you work(ed) in an occupation requiring you to swing a large hammer or pick?
  15. Who's actually from Poland?
  16. The name 'Muscovite' derives from...
  17. Do you fancy that you or your family will triumphantly return to Poland sometime now that it's no longer annexed by anyone?
  18. Is there pigeon in the gołąbki?
  19. Did you personally know anyone who got killed charging a tank on horseback?
  20. This quiz was:

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