How Polish Are You?

This quiz is about the history of Poland and I was meaning to change its name but I can't. I'm Polish, so you can trust that all of the answers that are right ARE actually right. This quiz is quite basic.

So wanna see how much you know about the histoy of Poland? If you do, I'll tell you that the questions are on most of the impotant events that in thr Polish history. And if you don't I would have told you anyway.

Created by: Simon

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  1. First off an easy one. Evey Polish peson should know this. When did Poland emrge as a country
  2. What is the capital city of Poland?
  3. What is Nicolaus Copernicus famous for?
  4. Who was the last Polish king?
  5. Who was the first Polish king?
  6. When did Poland unite with Lithuania to Form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?
  7. When did the Three Partitions of Poland take place?
  8. When did the battle of Grunwald take place?
  9. When, after the third partition, did Poland regain its independence?
  10. What was the first capital city of Poland?
  11. Which one of theese Polish kings did not come from Poland?

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Quiz topic: How Polish am I?