How Polish Are You?

There are so many people who claim to be Polish. But are they really? There are also some who don't even know about the existence of their "Polish gene". So, what constitutes a Pole? A Pole is someone who eats Polish food, knows Polish customs and has some general idea about the language, history and culture of the country.

So you think you're Polish? Take this quiz and find out exactly how Polish you are. Or not... You might be really surprised to find out how much of "Polishness" is in you. Have fun!

Created by: Iga
  1. What is Zubrowka?
  2. Which of these sports do Poles watch most often?
  3. Bigos is made out of...what?
  4. How do you translate "Jak sie masz?" into English?
  5. What do most Poles always do on Sundays?
  6. Who was Karol Wojtyla?
  7. Which of the cities below was never a capital of Poland?
  8. On Christmas Eve, how many dishes (at least) should there always be on the table?
  9. Why do Poles celebrate May 3?
  10. "Jeszcze Polska nie zginela" are the first words of what?

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Quiz topic: How Polish am I?