Are You A Chicago Bears Fan?

some know chicago some know some know the dolphins! if you know the dolphins go jump off a cliff they will never get good they threw a rock at the ground and missed and they try to put m and m's in alpabetical order. They looked out a window and got aressted for mooning you get my drift the dolphins are stupid enuff to not use tater mitts

are you agenius? doubt it prove me wrong you cant because you dont know how to make ice. just like we polish bloaks. if you've seen my pet koala call need to put a tracker on my animals so if you have seen gilmore tell me i live in moscow which is in russia for those dolphin fans. so dont take this quiz, dolphins aren't welcome.... or walrus.

Created by: Bill Romnee

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  1. Who did the bears play in the NFC championship game in the 2006-2007 season?
  2. What is Bernard Berrian's nickname?
  3. what college did Bernard Berrian go to?
  4. tiki is related to rhonde barber thomas jones is related to?
  5. When did the bears win the super bowl?
  6. What city are the CHICAGO bears from?
  7. who is the current fullback of the bears that was just traded to them?
  8. who is the third string QB on the bears?
  9. what are the bears colors?
  10. fill in the blank Monster of the .
  11. which name was or is not a bear?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Chicago Bears Fan?