What's Your Nail Polish Personality?

Do you ever look at a wall of nail polish and just stare at it, looking for the perfect color to reflect your personality? Well, this quiz just might help your next trip the the salon or store.

So, are you more of a bright red girl or a black? What about just clear or nude nail polish? Just take a minute and answer the questions, and you will be all done with your results!

Created by: aszand_58

  1. Your sweet tooth craves:
  2. When you hang out at home, you wear:
  3. Your favorite jewelry accessory is your:
  4. When it comes to guys, you could say you are:
  5. You can't live without:
  6. The music you most listen to is:
  7. Which dog do you like better?
  8. At a basketball game, you are:
  9. The food you like best is:
  10. You would rather wear:

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Quiz topic: What's my Nail Polish Personality?