The Booze-O-Metre

Many of us spend our time drowning our sorrows or otherwise enjoying the wonders of booze. But, many problems may arise from this careless lifestyle. Have you ever wondered: "How drunk am I? Can I drive? Can I have another shot and not topple over?"

Well, question no-more, for the Booze-O-Metre is fired up and ready to enlighten you with its vast insight into the world of drunkenness!! Whether you prefer shaken or stirred, merlot or chardonnay, booze or bhewzsh, this amazing quiz-powered device will be able to determine your level and type of drunkenness.

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. Welcome to the Booze-O-Metre, which will attempt to ascertain the aproximate level of booze recently imbibed by the quiz-taker.
  2. How drunk do you feel, right now?
  3. What was the last type of alchohol which you have drank, or most similar to so?
  4. Which is the most low-class brand of merlot which you have drank?
  5. Is a purple elephant watching you take this quiz?
  6. You admire Ireland for:
  7. Which is the best way to get drunk cheap?
  8. Scenario: A cop just pulled you over. Are you aware of the reasoning behind this?
  9. Have you ever gotten hammered in order to quell the pain of a hangover.
  10. If you could instantly replace your dead-end career with any of the following, which would you choose?

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