Blueberry Inflation (Water Park)

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Violet beauregarde was a greedy girl who became a blueberry. In this quiz, you can feel what it was like to become a blueberry and be just like her!!!

This test is all about blueberry inflation and how you feel about it. You are at a water park when this happens and you choose what happens. Hope you have fun!

Created by: Blueberry Master
  1. You go to a water park. How many people would you like to go with?
  2. When you enter, you see a stand that says "Free Blueberry gum!" You would
  3. When you get there, a man in a top-hat asks you if you would like to try some. You would say
  4. Despite what you said, he gives you a free sample. You
  5. You go up to the top of the water slide. When you get there, you remember the gum you have. You
  6. Eat tastes delicious! You savor each flavor as it fills your mouth. You look around and see people backing away from you. You tell them
  7. You look down at your hands and stat to see that they are turning blue. You also feel a gurgling in your stomach. You would
  8. Your clothes start to feel tighter. You look down and see that your stomach is starting to expand. People around you start pointing and laughing. You
  9. You then feel a huge explosion from your butt that makes you fall back-wards into the slide. You
  10. You see that you are getting so big that your slowing down in the slide! You also notice that your arms are getting sucked in to your body. You
  11. You've now come to a full stop. The water is still coming down the slide and stopping at you. Your clothes have started tearing and you can now see your belly button. You
  12. You have now become so big that you are starting to break through the slide. People are starting to look down the slide and see your fat body and laugh. Your arms and legs are no longer visible. You tell them
  13. You now have broken through the slide and now everybody can see you and they start laughing. You see the man in the top hat coming over to you and you call him over. You tell him to
  14. He comes over with some small men and he tells you to come with him to his factory. You
  15. He brings you to his factory and you see this giant machine. He tells you that it is a juicer and it will bring you back to normal if you want to. You say
  16. The little men put you in the machine and you start to hear a whirring. You feel the blades press against you, but nothing comes out! You say to him
  17. They take you out of the machine and bring you outside. You see a bunch of people down and the bottom of the hill. You tell the small men
  18. They roll you down the hill and everybody asks you if you are ok. Some start laughing. You say
  19. You get rolled home by them and your family sees you and starts to laugh. You tell them
  20. You call the man in the top-hat. He comes over. You tell him

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