your blueberry inflation

Thank you so much for hovering your mouse on this quiz! This is my first quiz ever so don't expect it to be perfect. I am a personal violet fan myself and wrote this quiz from my own imagination.

By reading this title it will be about inflation not the money kind the blueberry Charlie and the chocolate factory kind. If this quiz isn't for you why are you still here and reading this message. Enough stalling from me. Please Enjoy!

Created by: amber

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  1. You see a piece of Wonka gum what do you do?
  2. Suddenly you feel all tingly, what do you check first?
  3. Your skin is turning blue? What is your reaction?
  4. You feel oddly full, how do you feel?
  5. Your body gurgles
  6. Your jeans start to feel tight, your thighs are growing !
  7. When your thighs finish growing they are like pillows, but it's not over, your butt starts to expand, you feel it and you can hear and feel sloshing.
  8. When your butt has finished expanding each cheek is about the size of an over inflated beach ball. It is now hard to maintain balance.
  9. You suddenly feel an odd sensation in your pelvis. Your lower section now feels incredibly heavy, you look down your groin is expanding downwards with...blueberry juice? Soon your groin reached the floor and the rest of your body is resting on it.
  10. Looking like a teardrop, your stomach growls and swells at an alarming rate! Now looking pregnant with 10 kids, your back also swells outwards your arms and legs getting sucked into your orb of a body while your head rested on top...You're Done...
  11. What do you do now?
  12. Last question, Did you enjoy it?
  13. Farewell Blueberry

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Quiz topic: My blueberry inflation