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Blueberry Inflation is where the individual experiences blueberry juice rushing and swelling the innocent body to create a fat rounded Blueberry Ball.

This quiz allows you to choose your own personal experience of your Blueberry Inflation. It is about how you would want to swell up and how you would feel.

Created by: Masha

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  1. Would you like to swell up into a blueberry.
  2. How many friends would you do it with?
  3. Where would you like to see your blue skin first?
  4. What clothes would you wear for this?
  5. Your belly starts to swell up, you look down and examine. What do you do?
  6. From all the juice, you need to take a wee. Also, you have a lot of gas in you and you start farting and burping. You......
  7. A whole load of juice rushes through your butt. You turn around to look at it. You....
  8. By now, many of your clothing items have been ripped off, it leaves you with an exposed stomach You look down at it.
  9. Your now a full blueberry. What do you want done now.
  10. What is your favourite part about Violets Blueberry inflation.
  11. Which female celebrity would you want inflating with you?
  12. Would you share your Blueberry moment with everyone.
  13. What would be your favourite part about your inflation

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Quiz topic: My Blueberry experience