Violet beauregarde Blueberry

How would you like your Blueberry sequence. Dare to try the gum. See how your experience will turn out or what you will do with your inflation. This is the quiz for you.

Or, your not a fan of blueberries. You may still take the quiz. It is a daring thing to do anyway turn into a blueberry. Blueberry inflations are a fetish now.

Created by: Masha
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  1. Do you like Violet beauregarde
  2. Would you eat Wonkas Three course gum meal
  3. Do you eat Blueberries
  4. What happened of your skin turned blue
  5. What would be your first reaction if you heard your stomach growl
  6. You start swelling up in your belly, what do you do first
  7. Then, you feel the butt jolt, you turn around and see how big it is, you would.....
  8. You've become so big that your belly button now shows, you know you won't stop growing so what do you do.
  9. Suddenly, blueberry juice comes up your throat. The juice floods your mouth. How'll you react
  10. You now really have to go to the toilet, you now don't know what to do
  11. Now, your torso in shrinking into your body, what the reaction now.
  12. Your arms now shrink into your body, you grow rapidly now becoming unable to move yourself. Your butt doesn't even touch the ground. Your head now shrinks into your body. You keep swelling but now you stop inflating. What do you say.
  13. Some people come and ask you what you want done now. You say to them.....

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