Violet Beauregarde Quiz

This is not a quiz like any other - You want to achieve the lowest score possible. It will calculate exactly how similar to Violet Beauregarde you really are, so you don't wanna get a really high score.

So, if you went to the factory, would you walk out without a scratch, or end up a giant blueberry in the end? If you've ever wondered if you would inflate like Violet B., this quiz is for YOU!

Created by: Violet
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  1. So, you enter the factory. What is your main priority?
  2. You meet the other 4 winners. You...
  3. Do you want to listen to Mr. Wonka?
  4. You enter the gum room. Are you impressed by it or disappointed? Why?
  5. You sample the gum of your choice. Mr. Wonka tells you not to try it. What do you do?
  6. You continue chewing the gum (no matter your previous answer). Everyone tells you you have something on your nose.
  7. You look at your hand. It's turning BLUE! What do you do?
  8. You get a very strange feeling in your belly. What do you do, as it gets even stronger?
  9. You get so big you can't even see your arms, legs, or neck. You're just a giant blueberry.
  10. You eventually get out of that freakish place. You are not a big fat blueberry-girl anymore, but you're still blue....

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