Goodbye...part 2

Okay I would like to thank Calypos1314 and xxbultixx for the surgestions, support, comments, feedback and being so nice. So Calypos1314 is Violet and Kacela is xxbultixx

Okay I would like to thank Calypos1314 and xxbultixx for the surgestions, support, comments, feedback and being so nice. So Calypos1314 is Violet and Kacela is xxbultixx.

Created by: singin234
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  1. I ignored Ashely, I could say she has a boy name like I use to when I was six. I stared to feel hungry, what had I had for breakfast? I ask myself as we pull up at a class room. I walk in behind Aura, who strolls in happily. "Aria, who is this" The teacher asked. He had grey hair that was falling out and grey eyes. Tan skin and a scar near his eyes. He looked like a sailor, I thought as I studied him more. Wait, did he call Aura Aria? "This is Rosella" Aura or Aria, whatever her name is told him as Ashely walked in with Jess and a whole lot of people behind them. "I am Ashley, Rosella's...twin" Ashely told him butting in. I rolled my eyes and look at my feet. "You guys looking nothing like eacthother" the girl with black hair and grey eyes said. I think she is Jess. "Yeah" a girls voice added, "Not all twins look alike" I said softly looking up. "Wear am I sitting" I asked the teacher ignoring what they are whispering about behind me. "Just wait until everyone sits down" He told me.
  2. I stood at the front of the class, I was a bit weird waiting for everyone to come in. They looked at Ashely and I ask they all went to sit down. When they were all seated, the teacher asked "If anyone wants to ask questions. Go ahead" A whole rang of people put there hands up. Well everyone but one person. He had messy black hair, violet eyes that had the same outline like mine. Sliver and dark grey. "Jess" The teacher picked, "Why you move" She asked eyeing Ashely. "Our dad got a new job and we had to move. I didn't want to leave all my friends and my boyfriend" Amy told them. What boyfriend? I thought, she uses guys everyday. I could hardly say she ever had a boyfriend. "Aira" The etcher picked. So her name was Aria not Aura. What's up with that, I have to ask her. "How are you liking this school so far" Aira's question was meant for me. "It's okay, I don't really know since I haven't been here long" I told everyone normally. They nodded but not the guy with the violet eyes.
  3. "The school is okay, lots of black though" Ashely said meaning the uniform. Girls nodded in agreement. "Violet" The etcher picked next. "last question" A girl with curly dark brown hair that was almost black. With warm light blue eyes and light skin asked "Do you like the uniform" She had a small nose and a big smile. No freckles were on her face. "It's okay, I don't think much about it" I said truthfully. People chose if they like or hate there uniform at first sight. But when you don't think much about it, you call it okay. "It's all black. I mean a little blacks okay but all this black. No" Ashely told them eyeing the teacher. Violet eyes was in the row before the back. "Rosella sit behind Chris. The one with the Violet eyes. And Ashley you can sit next to her" Big mistake, I though as I sat behind Chris. Just because we are twins, that doesn't mean we want to sit next to eacthother.
  4. (Me: I have been chewing this gum for two hours and a half) Half the time in class I didn't care what he said. It's not like I was behind yet. Soon the class was over, thank god. Thank you god, I thought smiling. I stood up and garbbed my stuff. "Hey Freak, your so ugly. I like you name Rosella though" This girl with a high voice said. I ingored her and she was not worth it. Not one bit. "Hey Freak I am talking to you-" "Leave Rosella alone" A male voice said. I turned to see it was Chris who said it. The girl walked away, then came Ashley. "Thanks for defending my twin, you know how much twins mean to oneanother" Ashley said faking a worried tone. I have to say she is good at faking. "Yeah whatever," Chris said flatly to her "don't think anything off this" He said and walked off. Ashley thought the last bit was meant for her but really it was meant for me.
  5. Ashely walked off with Jess and some other of her friends. Aria walked up to me with the girl Violet. "So you alright, we herd what happened" Violet asked me. I nodded, looking at my feet I shut my eyes. I wasn't going to cry, not now, not at school. I opened up eyes and looked t their worried faces "I am fine. Let's get to class" I told them avoiding anymore questions.
  6. The other classes were long and dull. I didn't see Chris again but I saw Jess's twin. Well I think she is Jess's twin. I don't know her name but she has stright black hair and grey eyes. She seems to be a calm, controlled person. I walked to lunch with my chicken sandwich. It had pepper with it as well, not alot of pepper though. "Hey Rosella" Aira said as I sat down beside her. Violet was sitting next to the girl I think that's Jess's twin. "Hello I am Kacela" She told me. "Rosella" I told her unwrapping the seal off my sandwich. She nodded "I know. My twin is friends with you twin" Kacela told me not realizing how weird it sounded until she said it. In my head I laughed, I bet she was too. It's just one of those moments that you laugh in you head because it's not funny enough to laugh out loud. "So twin is Jess" I asked then took a bite of my sandwich. I hope I wasn't wrong, Kacela nodded. "Yeah, we get on well but she likes to keep in the dark at school" Kacela whispered. I nodded "My twin likes to keep me out of her life" I told her when I stopped chewing. "Really how horrible" Violet told me, "Yeah" Aria said in agreement. I really dont get what is the big deal. She hates me, I am alright with it. Well that's just what I tell myself. Deep down I guess I am hurt.
  7. That's the end of part 2
  8. I would like to thank those that commented. I would like to thank Calypso and xxbultixx, thank you two so much! You have been a great help.
  9. 'Don't you hate high school' by Calpso1415 (I hope I got the name right) Made me want to make this. Don't you hate high school is an amazing story quiz, please check it out. But I think most of you have anyway! If you see part one you might see lots of comment pages. You can thank Caypso, xxbultixx and myself for that.
  10. I hope you come back for part three and please comment!

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