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  • This was pretty interesting how you could get new characters in there. I think the class is a bit rude though, except for Aria, and Violet. I remember when I had to wear uniforms, only they were blue instead of black. I would've prefered black actually, I'm not emo or goth or anything like that, but black always struck me as a badass colour. That's the only reason. Anyways, I'd like to find out more about the characters, I know you're just introducing them but the next one could have more time to get to know everyone. Anyways I want to thank you for standing by my story quiz (and my first one too) I wasn't threatened by her at all, but thank you for believing in my quiz it was really sweet. I have the part 2 up in case you're interested (with guys this time) so if you want you can check it out (although it's longer but that's only to answer questions and introduce guys at the same time) so anyways, I like this quiz. I hope to see part 3. PEACE!!!

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Looks like I'm a little late in reading this XP thanks singin234 for putting in my character and introducing the guy! I can't believe you used my idea :P and thank you for thanking me XD You changed Aura to Aria? Your fingers are telling you that you really want to I guess :P I hope part 3 does come out soon :)

  • Great Singin Great! Cal's and Blu's characters are awesome. But, I like Blu's character more than Cal's. Chris seems like a cool guy. Rosa sounds pretty sad. Aria sounds like a guy's name. Anyhow, the quiz is pretty entertaining and awesome. Waiting for part 3. . . .

  • FUKK'YEA !! i Loooooove This Series ! Just As Part 1 , i Rated This Series 10 . (:

    iS There Anyway You Can Put Me iN The Story !?

    Name : Kiara

    Hair : Long ( Mid-Back ) , Brown , Blonde Highlights .

    Eyes : Hazel ( Change Colorz On My Mood ! )

    Personality : Fluffy , Crazy . Not TOO Crazy , But .. Unique .

    Thankss , (:

  • Nice job! I like how you got xxblutixx's character and mine in there nicely! By the way, lol, it's Calypso1315, not 14. Lol. I loved this, and I hope you make part 3 soon!!!

    (Btw, part 2 is out)

  • Yeah I know! Sorry about the 14, 13 thing. I thought it was 1314 or 1415 I guess I was wrong both ways!!

  • aka im a girl I'm a tomboy so calyspo1315 your lucky you get to be in a shout out and i wanna be in it next time.

  • too much to read but nice quiz.


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