Violet Beauregarde

Lets Find Out If You Wanna Become Like Violet And Be A Blueberry And Stay Like That Or If You Want To Be Juiced AS Fast As Humanly Possible Lets Let Fate Decide

Do You Want TO BE FAT and Obese Or Do You Want TO BE A Blue Skinny Flexible person. The Choice Is Up To You And What You Want TO BE For the Rest Or Your Life

Created by: Bacon Plays
  1. Do You Like Charlie?
  2. Your Thought When You Become A Blueberry
  3. After You Leave The Factory Do You Want To Go Back And Have More Of That Gum
  4. Do You Want To Be Juiced
  5. After You Are A Blueberry Do You Want Another Piece Of That Gum.
  6. Do You Like Being Fat
  7. Would You Rather Be A Blueberry Forever Infinitely Expanding or Have No Computer Which Would You Choose
  8. When You Start Feeling The Juice Come In What Where Your Thoughts
  9. Your Opinion OF Fat People
  10. Let Fate Decide

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