How well do you know Violet Beauregarde? (2005)

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Hello everyone! For today's quiz we are going to be talking about our princess, Violet Beauregarde! She's the girl who ate some candy and bloated up into a big juicy berry for the rest of her life.

She really is spectacular, isn't she? Anyway, I literally spent my entire morning creating this quiz. I worked pretty hard on it so I really hope that you enjoy it. Have fun!

Created by: Stephanie

  1. What outfit does Violet wear?
  2. What is Violet's favourite thing?
  3. What colour is Violet's hair before the inflation?
  4. What fruit does Violet turn into?
  5. Where does the colour start to spread first?
  6. Once she's fully blue, what part of her body starts to plump up with juice?
  7. Once her belly is all big and chubby, what body part fills with juice next?
  8. What does Violet do when her butt becomes plump and juicy?
  9. What happens to her clothes?
  10. What emotion is Violet feeling as she becomes a big bloated berry?
  11. What type of belly button does Violet have?
  12. What happens to her face?
  13. Is she squishy?
  14. How many people are watching her?
  15. What shape does she become?
  16. Does Violet become fat?
  17. How long does this juicy girl's Oompa Loompa song last?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Violet Beauregarde? (2005)