Your blueberry personality

You are one of the five lucky children to go on the tour of the Wonka factory, but a small mishap with three course gum has turned you into a giant blueberry.

Unfortunately, the juicer is broken, and will be broken for another two weeks. You have no other choice but to stay as a blueberry for that time until the juicer is fixed.

Created by: Mr. Max
  1. You swell up into a giant blueberry. What do you think of your new form?
  2. You want to be rolled to the juicing room, but Wonka tells you that the juicer is broken. It won't be fixed for another two weeks.
  3. You are rolled to a house outside of Wonka's factory. It has big rooms and open halls, perfect for a blueberry in recovery.
  4. You hear commotion outside. You open the windows and see news vans pulled up outside your house. You figure that someone wants to interview you.
  5. You feel hungry. What do you eat?
  6. You hear a knock on the door. It's some of your friends.
  7. It's a nice sunny day outside and you're sick of being in the house.
  8. You feel your skin get tighter and you notice that you're body swell up again.
  9. You grow to twice your size. Some oompa loompas offer to get the extra juice out of you.
  10. One week in, an attractive person of the opposite sex show up at your house. They said that they are sent by Wonka to help you. They ask if they can come in.
  11. Only if accepted: The two of you become very close. Six days pass together and the juicer is supposed to be fixed tomorrow. You have one more night together.
  12. You hear a knock on the door. it's an oompa loompa who came over to tell you that the juicer is fixed.
  13. Final comments for the quizmaker?

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Quiz topic: My blueberry personality

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