Blueberry Dreams

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Blueberry inflations are fun to watch. You think, imagine that on me.

But what would happen if certain things were it happen in your dream while being in a blueberry form. This should tell you what dream you'll like the most.

Created by: Masha

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  1. Friends!
  2. My belly is...
  3. Do you imagine yourself as a blueberry?
  4. What about if you were alone in a room?
  5. How about we could fix you so your normal again?
  6. I have a big blue belly!!! Let's giggle and squirm around.(It's the bit after she turns back around). What would most likely happen to you?
  7. Pretend your at school. A girl in your class starts to swell up....
  8. What bit of Violet Beauregardes's inflation do you like the most?
  9. (Only for girls). Are you are girly-girl or a tomboy?
  10. (Only for boys). Are you sporty or laid-back.
  11. Are you going to spit out the gum?

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