Turn Into A Werewolf And I Will Tell You Your IQ

There are many quizzes designed to tell you your IQ, and I’ve been trying to recreate classic quizzes, r. e. My blueberry inflation quiz..so here’s an IQ test with a twist..

I am a werewolf, so I will try my best to recreate the experience of becoming one through this quiz. The questions are carefully set up so in the end, you’ll know your IQ. Are YOU a genius?

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You walk home. You think, that was a long day at school/work. The full moon peeks out from behind a crack and you feel funny. You’re paralyzed.
  2. Your ear cracks. At least, that’s what it sounds like. It feels all tingly, not painful. You touch it, it’s becoming triangular. It grows furry as it sticks straight up. All sounds become louder now.
  3. You taste blood in your mouth. You open your mouth reflexedly. Fur sprouts on your face, around your lips, and your now-sharp wolf like teeth clink together.
  4. Your nails crack, and wolf claws emerge. You grow even furrier and your nose draws out into a muzzle.
  5. Your clothing rips off and a tail comes from your backside. Your eyes widen, narrow, and change. You look at your shadow. You are a wolf.
  6. What is your favorite part of any werewolves’ transformation?
  7. Are you a vampire?
  8. If you clicked, yes, my pack will find you.
  9. If you clicked no, I’ll send you an invite via GoToQuiz to join my pack, regardless of your species. Just comment anything down below and I will reply a pack invite if you add “Wolf Pack Vampiresuck” with whatever your comment is.
  10. Bai

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