are you TRULY into body/blueberry inflation

self-inflation is a beautiful thing, whether you're the inflatee or someone else is. in this story, you're the inflatee, and you can choose between two of the most-known types of self-inflation.

blueberry juice and air, but what if you dont support the idea of self-inflation? easy! you just choose the denial options given to you throughout the quiz and get the less interesting ending

Created by: BlUbArry
  1. someone puts an airhose into your mouth. what is your reaction?
  2. you inflate very quickly. what do you do?
  3. you've reached a foot in diameter and the mystery person takes out the hose. what do you tell them
  4. they put the hose back into your mouth. what do you hope is going to go into you
  5. blueberry juice starts to fill the rest of you. what do you do
  6. you're skin is starting to turn blue and your hands, feet and head are being engulfed by your body. what goes through your head?
  7. you're swelling starts to die down, what do you think
  8. your attacker reaches for the hose, allowing you to speak. what do you say
  9. your attacker takes off their mask, they're the opposite gender. what do you do?
  10. they say: "I must go. here is my phone number. use it wisely, for you cannot catch me.", then they leave. what do you do with their number

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Quiz topic: Am I TRULY into body/blueberry inflation