Blueberry inflation

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Violet Beauregarde is an idol to many, but to some, she's a god. She plumped up without meaning to and started the soon-to-be trend of blueberry inflation, which is much appreciated in the world of fetishes.

This is where you'll be answering questions to tell if you have a blueberry inflation fetish, which isn't a bad thing to have at all. In fact, it's the opposite of bad. It's the best fetish that you can have!

Created by: blUbarrE inflAtion
  1. Do you know Violet?
  2. Do you like blueberries?
  3. Would you try Wonka's three course meal gum?
  4. Your stomach starts to churn and growl. What do you think first?
  5. Your hand turns blue. What do you do?
  6. Your belly starts to appear behind your shirt. What do you think
  7. You feel a sudden burst of weight on your back. You look behind you and see that your bosom is now giant. You...
  8. Your body has swollen so large that you are struggling to keep yourself up. Someone walks in and screams at your appearance. What do you do?
  9. Your body gets so large that your hands, feet and head are now hidden in crevices. What goes through your head
  10. Somebody comes in and asks if you're okay. What do you tell them?
  11. What was your favorite part of Violet's inflation?

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