Your inflation!

You want to inflate.Do you?Ever since reading Willy Wonka,I've sorta wanted to inflate.Most people say inflation is fake,but if you try you can inflate!FOR REAL.

But,however,you can't just inflate.Will your stomach,butt or will both inflate,or maybe you will explode and become blue talking goo!so,what is your inflation?find out now!

Created by: Mkbomg

  1. your walking down the street.why?
  2. You suddenly start inflating.a man runs up and pulls you into a mansion
  3. Your getting fatter and fatter.but where are you getting fatter?
  4. Do you want to explode?
  5. What is your pet?
  6. anyway,your inflating in your stomach and the man pushes hard on your stomach,nothing happens.
  7. Dieeeeee
  8. sorry
  9. Anyway,the man shoves your stomach down suddenly it's deflating
  10. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: My inflation!

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