are you an intellectual drunk?

Many people try to remain somewhat coherent while drinking, but how many people put their smarts to the true test of endurance while drinking. This quiz is used to see if you are still smart enough to make your mark on the world even if you have a hard time staying sober.

Can you run with the most hardcore of drinkers and still end up on top with brains over booze? This is your brain-this is your brain on tough is your brain?

Created by: sarah

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  1. When drinking do you have a habit of psychoanalyzing your friends?
  2. You can study complex topics like biology and chemisty while drinking--and still remember what you have read.
  3. You have gone to college classes either drunk or buzzed.
  4. You have pulled the DSM off YOUR bookshelf to read while drinking.
  5. you have analyzed different alcohols to see which one will get your drunk quicker..
  6. you create marshmallow chemical molecules while drinking, then decide to find the melting point of a gummy bear using a test tube and a lighter..
  7. Your memory is actually better when drunk than it is when you are sober.
  8. You are taking this quiz while you are drinking and/or buzzed
  9. Do you try to prove the existence of black holes while intoxicated?
  10. You come up with truth or dare questions that would confuse most people.

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Quiz topic: Am I an intellectual drunk?