What Drunk do you resemble?

You might be sloppy, or the life of the party, but what type of drunk are you really? do you drink beer, or whiskey straight from the bottle? do you order a row of shots, or stick to your non-alch beer? do you have balls?

now is your chance to see who you most resemble as a drunk. its quite plain to see we are all different, but who are you the same as? kelli, renee sara, hgh, or dan? you might be surprised to find out...

Created by: Kelli of myspace
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  1. When out drinking, whats your beverage of choice?
  2. would you rather go out to a bar, or have a night at home with whomever your with?
  3. do you have a bar name?
  4. what time do you usually call it a night when your drinking?
  5. how many is too many?
  6. you have a choice, to go home and call it a night, or go to a strip club-what do you do?
  7. Who do you think you most resemble?
  8. last but not least, what type of shot would you most likely take?
  9. what song would you most likely play at the bar?
  10. what type of beer do you drink?

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Quiz topic: What Drunk do I resemble?