What do these words have in common: geek, drunk, sarcasm, and drunk? They unified by the cosmic principle of Chaon-esque-ity-ness. Test yours now. Test is automatically handicapped for Libertarians and Wiccans.

See how much you have in common with one of the greatest minds of the last half hour. It won't be any more of a waste of time than any of these other quizzes.

Created by: Karl of Chewin in the Chung
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  1. Pirates or Ninjas?
  2. Your wife or girlfriend beats you
  3. 1. F4
  4. Rationalist?
  5. Pillage or plunder?
  6. How are you and God hanging these days?
  7. What's your favorite country to play in Axis & Allies Revised?
  8. Favorite beer is
  9. You got a cool car?
  10. What U.S. state has the best barbecue?
  11. Who would win in a fight between Wolverine and Spider Man?

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