How festive are you at Christmas?

It's Christmas time again (yay!) and we all consider ourselves pretty jolly. But are we really jolly or are we disguising our lack of jolly-ness with a pretend type of superficial jolly??

Itstead of taking hours comtemplating life, the universe and your sense of jolly, just take this quick quiz and learn your inner jolly-ness rating!! In just a few moments you will know where you stand in the world of jolly and what you need to do in order to have a festive Christmas! (scary isn't it) ....

Created by: BooFi

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  1. When do you put your Christmas tree up each year??
  2. How many Christmas Carols do you know off by heart??
  3. How do you spend Christmas Day??
  4. Why do we celebrate Christmas??
  5. Someone gives you a pair of socks on Christmas day and you got them a new TV. What do you do?
  6. Do you believe in Santa??
  7. What does your house look like for Christmas??
  8. How famliar are you with the Christmas Story??
  9. Some random on the street says 'Merry Christmas' when he passes you. What do you do??
  10. What are your favourite colours??

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Quiz topic: How festive am I at Christmas?