How drunk are you at the moment

This is a quiz to see if you're drunk or not, and if you are you probably can't read this now, so why should I bother explaining my quiz?! So you could be drunk or you might not be, take the quiz to find out!

Are you drunk? If you can read this and understand this you are probably not, but if this has merged into one blank space in your empty life then you probably are drunk!

Created by: Cady
  1. How well can you see?
  2. How excited are you?
  3. How much have you drunk?
  4. How do you look in the mirror?
  5. How daring do you feel?
  6. Have you understood the quiz so far?
  7. What do you remember from the night before?
  8. How much do you drink in a week?
  9. What are you like on a morning after a party?
  10. How do you feel after doing this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How drunk am I at the moment