drunk party with naruto and other random people

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Yoyo it's domo bro I'm here to tell you about the greatest drunk party with natural ever!!!!!! We got harlem shakes. We got cookie dances. We got hot chicks.

Are u the one getting yo crush. I don't think so cause maybe yo crush is a cartoon character. Lol lol lol. I'm not bein mean. Oh and haters out there who hate me for the quiz. One thing. Hater gonna hate. I shake it off. Shake It off.

Created by: jellydumos---

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  1. U are now calln naruto what u say
  2. Naruto ask u what u want
  3. Naruto quickly tells everyone and everyone is at yo door step
  4. First in yo list is domo spin the bottle (when it's ur turn u use a domo plushie) who goes first?
  5. U spin with the domo and land on ____
  6. Well u shy (u go up to yo crush and _______)
  7. He or she blushes and kiss u back (oooooooo drama) what u do
  8. Next up get dwunk
  9. Everyone drunk now yo crush kiss u again for having fun at yo house. What u going to do, what u gonna say
  10. Next was s e x
  11. Sasuke said sakura was sterling's cookies!
  12. Sasuke starts doing the cookie dance
  13. Everyone falls asleep just like dropping dead the end of quiz...part 2 coming friday

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