am i a annoying drunk?

Drunks well we all know what a that is we all have gone through it some of us still do, it could be really bad ,bad or funny its depends on the person

Ever go to a party and see the type of drunk people there is ever wondered if you one the annoying ones the one person nobody wants to drink with? Or the one everyone wants to drink with now's the time to find ..goodluck

Created by: meggC
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  1. When at a party do start drinking to show off or because well its a party
  2. When u get drunk do start feeling really friendly and want to make everyone feel welcome?
  3. At a party do u try and make sure everyone is having a goodtime?
  4. Fighting at a party?
  5. There is a fun game of spin the bottle going around dare,truth or command
  6. Alcohol?
  7. Alcohol?
  8. Alcohol?
  9. Snacks
  10. Music
  11. Season

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