I Have Never...

Hey, this is the I Have Never... Quiz! Ok. Here are the rules: Grab a beer and when you've done something take a sip!But I can promise you this: A.) You won't be sober for long! B.) You're more than likely going 2 b laid afterwards!

Ok. At the end I'll tell you how drunk/sober you are! This is so much fun with friends! Enjoy the hang-over tomorrow! :) Just kidding! But, I do hope you get drunk! LOL! xD

Created by: Angela

  1. I have never gotten a tattoo...
  2. I have never gotten very drunk.
  3. I have never gotten pregnant/ gotten someone pregnant.
  4. I have never sexted anyone before.
  5. I have never prank called anyone before.
  6. I have never broken the law.
  7. I have never fallen in love before.
  8. I have never been to a party before.
  9. I have never online dated before.
  10. I have never posted a vid of myself on Youtube.
  11. I have never been hit on.
  12. I have never created a quiz here.

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