Did I Rate Your Quiz 1 Star?

"Which of the unscrupulous morons here rated down my amazing quiz," you ask? Well, it may have been me, so take a few minutes to fill out this simple questionnaire, so you may know whether or not I am the person whom you should be conjuring insults about.

O Chalupas, I defend! as the King of the Great Chalupacy, with his arms of modern steam-powered engines of the future, $6.99 for a value meal, $6.99 for a value meal!

Created by: E Lunatic

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does your quiz assume that the subject is of one particular sex?
  2. Would your grandmother be able to understand any jargon in it?
  3. How many questions does it go before descending into irrelevant gibberish?
  4. Which is the correct grammar?
  5. If the quiz-taker is faced with a hostile person, is there an option to simply kill said person?
  6. Are any of the options followed by something along the lines of, "(Me: I say something)?"
  7. Would you get laughed out of a MENSA meeting?
  8. Do you ask questions to which the answer could be 'no,' but not set it as an option?
  9. Are you a pretentious narcissist?
  10. Do you ask whether the subject liked the quiz?
  11. Do you make a joke about the cliche nature of your asking whether the subject liked the quiz?
  12. Do you use terms such as 'naughty things' or 'drugs' when it would be more accurate to say 'sex' or 'crack cocaine?'
  13. Do you think that all men are pigs?
  14. Is your quiz a test which praises 'good effort' or the like even if the subject scores less than 30%?
  15. Which of these spews the least pollution when used in the most efficient way possible?
  16. Is ADHD a myth?

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