instant star season 3

there are many people who have watched instant star, but are all of you instant star crazy. take this quiz and se what your smart score is. take this quiz now!

are you Instant Star crazy? Do you have the intellectual skills needed to qualify for this title? Do you have the brainpower to conquer this quiz? Find out with this great quiz.

Created by: vicki

  1. what was the first episode of season 3 called?
  2. what was the name of the episode Patsy died/
  3. finish the lyrics "i don't know if i should...
  4. what song does these lyrics come from "there's a million streets to walk down in this city of broken hearts"
  5. what is the name of the episode where Hunter puts a knife up to Jude's neck?
  6. True or False: Tommy and Jude get together
  7. what episode does Tommy write a song for Jude
  8. In the episode The long and winding road Jude says "i know i love you" who is she saying this too?
  9. Finnish the lyric.. "but the truth is i'd follow you anywhere i've been waiting...
  10. what song are these lyrics from "maybe the moon's just a whole in the sky one day at a time my world is shattering"

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