Who's Your Instant Star Boyfriend

Hey Instant Star Fans, find your match. Ever wondered which Instant Star man is best suited for you? Which guy is your dream man found in? Your true love is just 13 questions away, you may be suprised by the result, or not.

There are five guys, which one is yours, not who do you want, but who is your soulmate? Find out and take this quiz. I won't say the options so as not to sway your answers. Some questions it will be obvious, but choose quickly, go with your gut.

Created by: Rindi of Midnight Lure
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do want in a boyfriend?
  2. What look do you want for your BF?
  3. Your idea of the perfect date is...
  4. What is your BF's mucial career
  5. Your BF's work ethich is...
  6. Your BF drives
  7. Your BF is...
  8. In a relationship your BF is
  9. If you were to get married you would get married where?
  10. Your "experience" level is...
  11. What type of BF do u want(build, height, and hair)?

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