Alexz Johnson Quiz

I've taken many Alexz and/or Instant Star Quizes and beat almost every one with a perfect score. Now I what YOU to tack my quiz to see if you know Alexz as well as I do. I threw in a few tricky ones but for most Instant Star fans it'll be easy-peasy!

Are you a big Alexz Johnson fan or not? Do you watch Instant Star or seen Finale Destenation? Do have Alexz/Instant Star albums? If you do this quiz well be no problem but if you don't: YOU'RE DOOMED!!!

Created by: Amber

  1. What is Alexz Johnson's Middle Name?
  2. What is Alexz's Birthday?
  3. How Many Brothers and Sisters does she have?
  4. What song has these lyrics: "Let me make mistakes, help me mend my heart. It always seems to break"?
  5. Who did NOT work with her on Instant Star?
  6. The title of the song that contains these lyrics: "I found a place, where I'll keep you Cause I won't live through you or beneath you." is?
  7. In what Episode does Tommy (Tim Rozzon) say: " You're asking the wrong guy."
  8. What Song has these lyrics? "Everyone runs from someone they're chasing. There's places up for tasting." ?
  9. Which 'Final Destination" was she in?
  10. How old was Alexz when she won the Best Anthom Singer Award?

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