This Is Some 4Q?

If you is Johnson, then giraffe your face. If You is Dennis, then piggy your melon. But if you is Henrietta, then you should probably go johnson your dennis with a giraffe in a piggy melon. I want some 24 loopies. That's all I have to say. No wait! egg sdihasdil because that's what I tax collector. Accountant stew.

Brain vomit. That's what happens when darth Vader gets ahold of your stash pumpkin of doom in a can i want to pimple your winkle with a big ol' stimple of rimple. I don't know what i'm platypus in a jar of hello.

Created by: Pagina

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. nubby 6 giraffe?
  2. hkldhfashdfiasf8ah? sex? James Madison?
  3. Macaroni and glue?
  4. Am I a gremlin of potty?
  5. Does dwayne dirt drivel driven pastrami
  6. Death?
  7. If a tree falls between two cars, one of which is traveling at 60 mph, and the other is made of mashed potatoes, then what is the sound of two locomotive cream cheese with a tall glass of bucket gravy butter man Pillsbury maple syrup abstinence parasol penguin Davy crockett I think the flowers are pretty to smell with butt cheese goat concert 67 wapapoo maginga!
  8. Das feuer liebt mich?
  9. How mister winkie droop
  10. histerectomy
  11. Last
  12. opulence or abstinence?

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