what type of piggy r u?

Have you ever wondered ~what pig type am i?~ yes? well the this quiz is for you weather your a brutal wild boar or a classic pink piggy even a crazy bearded pig could be your answer!

im piggy mc swagins or you can call me pwig and ill be asking you the qestions.please comment on what you got if you can so i can add up them all and put it in ratio. also dont be cruel its my first quiz thanks.

Created by: piggy mcswaggins

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  1. hi little piggy my name is piggy mcswaggins but you can call me pwig, anyway question numero 1... if in a pack of wild piggy what would you do in your hunting position.
  2. Q.2. do you like pigs?
  3. R.P. time.Q.3. your piggy group is looking for shelter and theyre getting really slow and bored what do you do
  4. Q.4. if you wre a piggy like me-pwig- what colour fur/skin?
  5. fave vegie out of these?
  6. FREEBIE! :D which do you want to be?
  7. what do you think of a piggy in a balloon dropping pumpamelokins?
  8. if you could have unlimited of the folowing which would it be?
  9. did you like ths quiz?
  10. thanx for pkaying this quiz and bye!

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