Are you good or bad?

There are so many good people! There are also so many bad people! What is a good person? They lend a hand! What is a bad person? They are evil!! Or maybe a piggy in the middle!

Are YOU Good? Are YOU Bad? Or perhaps you are a sometimes bad sometimes good piggy in the middle? Until now you could only just wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, now you can find out for sure!

Created by: Sara

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  1. Do you do as your parents say?
  2. Do you do your homework on time!
  3. Do you do as your teacher says?
  4. If you were king/queen would you destroy anyone who gets in your way?
  5. Do you get annoyed when you get told its bedtime?
  6. Would you except a knitted sweater as a Christmas present?
  7. Are you polite?
  8. Do you say thank you for your birthday presents?
  9. Do you help people?
  10. Do you smile?

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Quiz topic: Am I good or bad?