How well do you know giraffe

There are many animal lovers but giraffe seem to get over looked. See how much you know about this magestic animal you may be surprised at what you find.

Calling all animal lovers find out if you know every thing there is to know about giraffe. These magestic creatures are underestimated in many ways see if you need to do some research or if your a giraffe expert.

Created by: Harriet

  1. Is giraffes the plural of giraffe
  2. How many species of giraffe?
  3. Which are the species of giraffe?
  4. How many sub-species?
  5. How many species did scientists believe there to be?
  6. What does GCF stand for?
  7. Is the GCF the only giraffe based charity in the world?
  8. Do giraffe need saving?
  9. How many giraffe are there left?
  10. How many African elephants left?
  11. Did giraffe roam in parts of Europe?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know giraffe