How well do you know Betsey Johnson?

You think you know Betsey Johnson? Well take this quiz and find out you'll most likely learn some more about her!There's always more to learn about this fashion legend! Enjoy!

Do you know betsey johnson? Do you know what happened in 1999? Take this quiz to find out and test your knowledge on one of fashions most inspirational designers!

Created by: Caitlin

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  1. What does Betsey Johnson do at the end of every runway show?
  2. What was Betsey Johnson diagnosed with in 1999?
  3. Where is Betsey's vacation house located?
  4. Where is Betsey's vacation house located?
  5. What are the names of Betsey's houses?
  6. In 1972 Betsey Johnson won what award?
  7. Who was Betsey Johnson's house model?
  8. When was Betsey Johnson inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame?
  9. When is Betsey Johnson's birthday?
  10. One journalist quoted,"If Betsey JOhnson didn't exist....

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Betsey Johnson?